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.strandberg* Boden Essential 6 Astro Dust

.strandberg* Boden Essential 6 Astro Dust

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What makes it special?

The Essential is a true .strandberg* Boden instrument with all the key features that has made it an electric guitar icon of the 21st century: lightweight headless design and ergonomics, EndurNeck profile, .strandberg* EGS hardware, and a unique sonic character that is balanced and versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of musical genres and playing styles. It is also the most affordable .strandberg* Boden to date and will appeal to casual guitar playing hobbyists as well as the most experienced pro players. It is a .strandberg* that can be played and enjoyed by guitarists of all stripes – from aspiring students to serious gigging musicians.


What does it do?

True to the .strandberg* heritage, the Boden Essential is a lightweight electric guitar with the acclaimed ergonomic features to keep you playing for longer and without fatigue. The patented EndurNeck keeps your fretting hand and wrist in a more natural position up and down the neck and the lightweight design keeps the instrument balanced in both sitting and standing positions. The reduced weight is also easy on your shoulders and back, allowing you to enjoy the experience of playing and making music for longer periods of time than “standard” electric guitars. The new EGS Arc hardware makes string changes and fine adjustments easier than ever and all these features combine to produce an instrument that is light, comfortable, resonant, and easy to use. This sound is then captured by a set of .strandberg*-designed custom OEM pickups to provide a plethora of both humbucker and single-coil sounds to cover all musical genres and playing styles.


Who is it for?

The Boden Essential is for all electric guitar players who are interested in a modern state-of-the-art electric guitar with innovative ergonomic features that can cover virtually any musical genre and playing style. It is also for the open-minded and forward-looking musician who is willing to try something different that is also practical and logical. It is for all players who seek an organic and balanced sound that will inspire them to focus on the music and be more creative.