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Acoustic Guitars, American Dream, Taylor Guitars -

Named after the guitar shop where Taylor Guitars was founded in 1974, the American Dream Series reflects the principles of innovation and resourcefulness that have always helped Taylor get through challenging times.

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American Professional II, Bass Guitars, Electric Guitars, Fender -

Played by more artists on more stages than any other series, the American Professional II models feature V-Mod II pickups, fresh Fender colors and Fender's iconic "C"-shaped necks.

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Effects Pedals, JHS 3 Series, JHS Pedals -

The JHS Pedals 3 Series is a collection of pedals designed to give you affordability and simplicity without compromising quality. Each 3 Series pedal is made by JHS in Kansas City, MO, using high-quality parts, quality control, and attention to every detail. Each pedal has three simple controls and one toggle that offer a wide range of sounds, perfect for beginners and professionals alike. The JHS Pedals 3 Series will inspire your playing and help you explore new sounds at a totally approachable price point. SHOP ALL 3 SERIES PEDALS

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