Sell or Trade Your Used Gear!

In the Central Florida area and looking to sell or trade your used gear? At Carlton Music Center we buy, sell and trade high quality used gear! Want to know if we'd be interested in purchasing your gear? Fill out the short form below with some information and photos and we'll have a purchasing manager contact you directly. 

We typically buy used guitars, basses, band instruments, full-size orchestral instruments, effects pedals, pro audio equipment, and folk instruments. Due to the lower resale value and the lack of available repair parts we are unable to offer any amount for purchase or trade on the following brands: First Act, Mendini, Jay Turser, Jean Paul, and Cecilio. 

You must be 18 years or older with a valid Florida ID in order for us to purchase from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer appraisals?

We are unable to offer written appraisals for instruments. If you are interested in simply finding out what your instrument might be worth, we recommend searching for the make/model/year on or and looking at Sold/Completed Listings.

I cannot physically bring my instrument to you, will you still accept it for purchase?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept purchases/trades from customers out of our immediate area. If you are unable to physically bring us the instrument we would not be able to accept it for purchase or trade.

Do you purchase acoustic pianos?

We do not purchase or sell acoustic pianos. We recommend reaching out to Piano Alley in Lakeland, FL with the info on your piano and they can let you know if it'd be something they'd be interested in purchasing.

My instrument is selling for $X online, why aren't you offering me that full price?

As a business, we have a lot of time and expenses that go into prepping our used gear for sale and listing it online. We are only able to offer you a wholesale price on your instrument in order to cover our costs. If you are looking to obtain the maximum value for your instrument we would recommend selling it yourself on an online marketplace such as eBay,, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist.

What do you need in order to purchase my used instrument?

We are required by Florida law to submit a Sheriff's report for items that we purchase. You must present a valid Florida ID at the time of us filling out the form.

Do you offer consignments?

We do sometimes consign vintage or higher-end instruments. If you are interested in consigning please let us know in the Additional Info/Comments box.