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Songbird Ocarina of Time Replica from Legend of Zelda Kokiri Edition

Songbird Ocarina of Time Replica from Legend of Zelda Kokiri Edition

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Looking for a plastic Ocarina of Time replica that looks and sounds amazing? Look no further, because Songbird Ocarina partnered with Stein Ocarina to create the world's premium plastic replica, the Ocarina of Time: Kokiri Edition!

Songbird's dream for the Kokiri edition was for it to be the most ergonomically comfortable, visually accurate, and musically pleasing plastic Ocarina of Time replica available. After months of designing, crafting, and fine tuning, they've made this dream a reality.

Though light in weight, the Kokiri Edition is heavy with detail and very durable. The tuning system is like the English 6 hole pendant system. As a result, the Kokiri edition features the identical button layout from the classic Zelda games and has a fingering system that easily translates to and from any of our other 6 hole ocarinas. Thanks to this innovation, you get to play the exact ocarina that Link used to save Hyrule!

Unlike other plastic ocarinas, the Ocarina of Time Kokiri Edition was designed for musical precision and clarity. Crystal clear high notes are effortless to play, and the beautiful tone of the Kokiri edition makes it the only plastic ocarina that sounds comparable to a high quality ceramic ocarina.

NOTICE: Fine mold Extraction lines are part of the manufacturing process, they are not scratches!

Due to either the nature of use or shipping costs we are unable to accept returns on this product if it is shipped. If you have any questions or concerns on if this is the right product for you, don't hesistate to reach out to us!

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