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Songbird / Focalink Brio Plastic 12-Hole Soprano C Ocarina in Blue

Songbird / Focalink Brio Plastic 12-Hole Soprano C Ocarina in Blue

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  • 12 hole Soprano C with a range of A5-F7
  • Affordable Entry Level instrument
  • Basic Songbook/Tutorial included
  • Unbreakable Plastic

Whether you're on a camping trip, a weekend on the beach, or in your spaceship, this wonderful plastic ocarina won't crack up on you. That's because it utilizes the finest custom blended plastic available, so it never becomes brittle. It will hold up in the harshest conditions and keep on performing whether you toss it, drop it or spin it on the floor. But for best results, play it and see what a wonderful entry level instrument this can be.

Songbird's Plastic Brio ocarinas have excellent tuning and voicing and are great for both beginners and advanced players looking for a durable, quality instrument. They are especially designed for educators and parents who well know the meaning of kid proof, but who value the quality of sound and playability just as much!

The key of C is known to convey the characteristics of purity and innocence.

NOTICE: Fine mold Extraction lines are part of the manufacturing process, they are not scratches!

Due to either the nature of use or shipping costs we are unable to accept returns on this product if it is shipped. If you have any questions or concerns on if this is the right product for you, don't hesistate to reach out to us!

For local customers we may accept exchanges for store credit for unopened/unused products.

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