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Pearl Casey Cooper 5" x 14" Igniter Snare Drum

Pearl Casey Cooper 5" x 14" Igniter Snare Drum

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Truly a drummer for a new generation, Casey Cooper's energetic performance videos have become an online favorite for over 1.5 Million avid subscribers. In celebration of his dynamic playing, Pearl has collaborated with Casey to create The Igniter: a snare created specifically to instantly improve the sound of any drum kit.

The Igniter's 14"x5" shell features an all Maple interior to enhance power, tone and projection. Custom flame and pinstripe graphics draw inspiration from one of Casey's signature performances, while CL bridge lugs are augmented by Red gaskets to add to its unique character.

"My drumming videos are designed to make people into drummers!" says Casey (known as COOP3RDRUMM3R to his subscribers.) "I want players to feel the fire and excitement of playing drums, but you can't really feel that unless you are playing a quality instrument. The Igniter makes any kit sound great, right out of the box!"

A fantastic value to add to your drumming voice and keep the fire of drumming burning bright, each Igniter snare drum comes with a deluxe Casey Cooper snare drum rudiments poster.


  • Model: CC1450S/C
  • Size: 14x5
  • Shell: 6-ply 6.8mm Poplar/Maple
  • Hoops: 1.6mm
  • Lugs: CL55
  • Rods: 6
  • Tension Rods: SST5035
  • Strainer: SR018
  • Snares: S032N