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JHS Legends of Fuzz Berkeley

JHS Legends of Fuzz Berkeley

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In 1973, effects legend Craig Anderton and John Lang launched Seamoon Inc., releasing their flagship fuzz pedal the same year: the Fresh Fuzz. Initially, a fragile plastic enclosure design caused these Bakelite pedals to shatter when guitarists stomped on them, so Seamoon began recasing them in metal enclosures within a few months. Despite inaccurate reviews that the Fresh Fuzz was “thin sounding,” it gained popularity and has been used extensively by artists like Tom Scholz (Boston) and guitar virtuoso Eric Johnson. This is JHS's tribute to the rarer single op amp 741 version (Version 1).

This pedal requires 9V DC negative center. 4MA consumption. Do not use more than 9V DC, or your warranty will be voided.
The Berkeley does allow for battery operation via a single 9V battery. Just loosen the two rear screws from the enclosure and the backplate will swing open. On the inside you will see a battery clip to install the battery into.

The words Fresh Fuzz and Seamoon may be registered trademarks. The JHS Pedals Berkeley is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Seamoon Inc.