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ddrum D2R Rock Series 4-Piece Drum Set w/Cymbals in Silver Sparkle

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The D2R takes the D2 concept of a beginner drum set into leaner and meaner territory. For the young rockers or the young rockers at heart, the D2R streamlines the entry level kit into a machine of power and motion. Featuring a versatile 12/16 tom spread, paired with a thick-sounding 18x22 bass drum, and a cracking 5.5x14 snare drum. The D2R also includes a modular tom mount on the bass drum, that can accommodate the included cymbal boom arm and an add-on tom, should you chose to expand later. Black shell hardware is paired with three hot rod wrapped finishes. Drums include hardware and practice cymbals. D2R, go forth and ROCK.



Silver Sparkle

Product Details:
8x12 Rack tom
14x16 Floor tom
5.5x14 Snare drum
18x22 Bass drum
Black powder coated hardware

Wood Configuration:
Basswood Shells

Lug Type:
Industrial Low Mass

Hoop Spec:
1.6 MM Triple Flanged

Plys Tom:

Plys Bass Drum:

Plys Snare Drum:

Bearing Edge Spec:
45 degree

Suspension Mount Type:
Direct to shell Mount

Includes the following items:
Hi hat stand
Snare stand
Bass drum pedal
Half boom stand
Tri-holder bass drum mount
16 inch Crash cymbal
14 inch hi hats
1 pair of sticks