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ddrum D1 Junior 5-Piece Drum Set, Complete with Cymbals, in Midnight Black

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Ideal for children ages 5-8 years old
Taking the beginner drum set to it's most extreme, ddrum presents the D1 series. Made for the youngest aspiring drummers, the D1 is nevertheless a complete drum set. Featuring tunable, diminutive drum sizes and including cymbals, hardware, and a tiny throne. Despite its tiny size, this kit functions just like a full-sized drum set, and you'll be assured that your young player will be developing all the coordination to take it to a full-sized drum set when the time comes.


Midnight Black Wrap

Product Details:
5x8 Rack tom
5x10 Rack tom
10x13 Floor tom
4x12 Snare drum
10x16 Bass drum

Wood Configuration:
Basswood shells

Lug Type:
D Series Chrome

Hoop Spec:
1.6 MM Triple flanged

Plys Tom:

Plys Bass Drum:

Plys Snare Drum:

Bearing Edge Spec:
45 degree

Suspension Mount Type:
Direct to shell mount

Includes the following items:
Hi hat stand
Snare stand
Bass drum pedal
Straight cymbal stand
2 Tom holders
12 inch Crash cymbal
10 inch hi hats
1 pair of sticks