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D'Addario XSE1046 XS Nickel Coated Electric Guitar Strings, 10-46 Gauge

D'Addario XSE1046 XS Nickel Coated Electric Guitar Strings, 10-46 Gauge

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XS Nickel coated electric guitar strings provide the longest life of any D'Addario electric guitar string. Coated with their groundbreaking XS coating, these premium electric strings attain maximum life and a smooth, fast feel without dampening their outstanding tone. Constructed with a NY Steel core, reformulated nickel-plated steel wrap wire, and Fusion Twist technology, XS Nickel strings boast superior strength and tuning stability, plus richer harmonics, greater charity, and remarkable definition with every sweep, slide, and bend. The 10-46 Regular Light gauge set is our most popular gauge, providing a nice balance of tone and playability.

  • Gauge: Regular Light
  • Coating: XS
  • Number Of Strings: 6
  • Set Type: Sets
  • Wrap Material: Reformulated Nickel-Plated Steel

  • E: 0.010 in, 16.22 lbs
  • B: 0.013 in, 15.39 lbs
  • G: 0.017 in, 16.58 lbs
  • D: 0.026 in, 18.31 lbs
  • A: 0.036 in, 18.95 lbs
  • E: 0.046 in, 16.83 lbs

  • XS Nickel strings have the longest life of any D’Addario electric string, plus a smooth, fast feel, thanks to the ultra-thin XS film coating.
  • Premium nickel-plated steel wrap wire provides a bright tone with increased output, bite, and sustain.
  • With a NY Steel core and Fusion Twist technology, XS Nickel offers greater break strength and unmatched tuning stability - staying in tune 131% better than standard electric strings.
  • Comes in a recyclable, resealable coded VCI bag.
  • XS Nickel coated electric strings are made in the USA—drawn to D'Addario's exacting specifications at their New York production facility.
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