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Belwin's 21st Century Guitar Method 1 (2nd Edition)

Belwin's 21st Century Guitar Method 1 (2nd Edition)

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Belwin's 21st Century Guitar Method is a complete course that puts lessons in the context of popular styles and classic tunes. It introduces new topics at a progressive speed and uses both music notation and tablature (TAB). Correlating supplemental books integrate more advanced concepts and techniques, while keeping the learning process fun. Audio recordings include full instruction - a great resource for students and teachers alike - with demonstration and play-along tracks that will help students optimize their practice time. Detailed video lessons and fun play-along software are also available.

Book 1 Features
  • Online access to play-along and lesson audio included 
  • Covers rock, pop, folk, blues, and classical styles 
  • Features unique Rock Workshop units that teach improvisation and rock rhythm and lead guitar 
  • Uses standard music notation and tablature to aid with learning new material 
  • Optional teacher accompaniment parts 
  • Duets to play with a teacher or with the included audio recording

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