The new .strandberg* Boden DR Titanium & Sälen Jazz are coming!

The new .strandberg* Boden DR Titanium & Sälen Jazz are coming!

In a live video on April 6th .strandberg* guitars has officially announced two new models to their lineup - the Boden DR Titanium and Sälen Jazz models! Each features new design materials never before used on .strandberg* models.

Boden DR Titanium

This new Limited Edition model is striking with its natural chambered mahogany body paired with a modern Titanium-colored solid maple top! It also is the first .strandberg* to feature a Richlite fretboard, which produces an acoustic character unlike any other Boden model. It's tone is rich and warm but exceptionally clear and defined. The joint where the neck and body has been redesigned for improved access to the fretboard's upper register. The arm bevel on the body has also been altered slightly to improve playing comfort. This is quite possibly the most comfortable to play .strandberg* guitar!

Salen Jazz

The new Sälen Jazz is one of the most versatile guitars .strandberg* has ever developed. It's particularly well-suited to explore the low and medium gain as well as clean tonal territories. It features the new MF Classic humbuckers which have greater dynamic range and less compression than the higher output models, as well as a chambered mahogany body capped with a solid maple top and mahogany veneer. The neck is also mahogany with a rosewood fretboard. Don't let the name fool you, the Sälen Jazz isn't just limited to jazz - it covers a wide spectrum of classic and modern electric guitar sounds to suit a wealth of playing styles and musical genres.


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