.strandberg* Boden NX

.strandberg* Boden NX

Strandberg Boden NX


.strandberg* guitars has announced their newest line - the Boden NX series - refining the original Boden design for the present, with sustainable elements for the future.

The Boden was the first standard production model headless guitar, bringing a made-to-measure headless guitar down to mainstream guitar markets. The new Boden NX is a culmination of over a decade of experience working with world class manufacturers, artists, and retailers as well as listening to the community of .strandberg* players. It has been further refined visually, ergonomically, sonically, and functionally to realize its maximum potential.

These new specs and features were carefully considered and implemented with the future in mind - both aesthetically and functionally - to provide instruments that use sustainable materials, new hardware to improve performance and reliability, and subtle ergonomic design tweaks that further enhance the comfort and playability of the Boden instruments. Many of these refinements are under the hood, but these updates offer significant benefits to the player over the long term.


The Boden NX series gets a striking visual update with all new colors and finishing techniques during the manufacturing process that allows the colors and the figuring of the Maple tops to really pop. These colors were chosen carefully for their depth and the ability to invoke scenes of nature and the various moods they convey.

Strandberg Boden Classic NX
Strandberg Boden Original NX 6
Strandberg Boden Prog NX 6


These subtle but highly effective updates to the neck joint and arm cut gives the player easier access when playing in the upper register, and greater comfort in the area of the body where the forearm rests.

Strandberg Boden Original NX Charcoal Black


The all-new EGS Rev 7 hardware looks just like the previous version, but the "under-the-hood" updates are substantial in that they improve the hardware's reliability, functionality, tonal character, and ease of maintenance while retaining backwards compatibility.

The new Rev 7 bridge features a self-locking mechanism that grips a new larger hex saddle. It no longer has the M2 set screw on the side of the bridge that was tightened to keep the saddle from moving. The provided tool or a 4mm socket key can now be used to adjust the action, making string changes and setups easier and quicker. The solid grip of the larger saddle by the bridge also allows for more vibrational energy of the strings to be transferred into the body, resulting in increased sustain and a bigger and punchier acoustic tone.

From a distance, the new Rev 7 string lock looks the same as before but, upon closer inspection, you will quickly see that it is quite different. Instead of an individual lock for each string, the Rev 7 string lock is a one-piece assembly that works for all strings. This improves the robustness in the area behind the nut and will be much more reliable over the life of the guitar. The Rev 7 string lock also features extended “guides” behind each string lock area to keep the clipped string ends away from your fingertips. A small detail that you’ll appreciate every time you complete your string changes!

Strandberg Rev 7 String Lock


The world is changing fast and not always for the better when considering the environment. With this in mind, .strandberg* looked at various ways to save valuable resources like wood and find ways to produce guitars that reduce waste and harmful pollution. One of those tasks was to look at alternative woods and materials. One significant change was to use Sassafras as an alternative to Swamp Ash for the Original NX and Prog NX models due to the increasing scarcity of Swamp Ash. Another alternative material used on the Prog NX and Metal NX models is Richlite as a replacement for fretboard material. A composite wood material, Richlite is extremely stable while possessing a slick and fast surface and displaying the jet-black look that players love about Ebony.

Eco-Friendly Strandberg Boden NX


One other change .strandberg* made on the NX models was to not use roasted Maple for neck material. This is a manufacturing related decision to prevent waste during production as roasted Maple tends to get brittle and chip during the fabrications process, resulting in many necks (and valuable wood) being discarded. With conservation in mind and to reduce unnecessary waste, the NX models now feature plain kiln-dried Maple with a subtle vintage tint for an understated and classy look.


Strandberg Original NX 7
Strandberg Boden Prog NX 6 Black
Strandberg Boden Prog NX 7 Purple
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