.strandberg* Boden Fusion 6 Limited Edition Titanium

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Commemorating the launch of the new .strandberg* pickups developed in collaboration with legendary pickup designer Michael Frank, the Fusion Titanium Limited Edition is a stunningly versatile instrument and tone machine with a striking visual aesthetic to match. Featuring the .strandberg* Fusion humbuckers and middle single-coil pickup in HSH configuration along with the HSX push-pull tone pot circuit which adds five more great sounding single-coil sounds, this futuristic looking guitar provides an extremely broad range of traditional and modern electric guitar tones to cover virtually any playing style or genre.

One of .strandberg*'s most popular models, the Fusion has been reimagined visually with the new Titanium satin finish and matching Titanium hardware and sonically expanded with the .strandberg* Fusion pickups and the HSX circuit which adds five more excellent single-coil sounds to cover a wide variety of styles and genres. Like the current Fusion model, the Fusion Titanium LE features chambered Alder body, solid ¼” plain Maple top, roasted Maple neck, and Pau Ferro fretboard for a full and warm yet balanced and defined acoustic sound. The special Titanium finish and hardware was specifically developed for this limited model.

The Fusion Titanium is the most versatile model we have ever developed in terms of an electric guitar’s sonic range. The goal was to make sure that all ten sounds were eminently usable in any playing situation. The HSX circuit is not a coil-splitter. It uses a proprietary circuit developed by Michael Frank to combine the different coils and “re-EQ” each setting for single-coil sounds that still have as much gain as the humbuckers without the typical 60-cycle hum. The special Titanium finish and hardware provide a distinctly futuristic look but underneath is a pure, organic and woody tone monster that will cover everything from roots-oriented blues and jazz to modern shred-fusion and metal with confident authority and style.

This special Limited Edition model is for players who seek the ultimate in tonal versatility. Although the pickups are voiced for medium-gain applications like fusion and classic rock, there is plenty of output for intense high-gain genres as well. The HSX adds a new dimension of high-output and quiet single-coil sounds to further expand your sonic palette, making it especially useful for recording purposes with a single guitar. Being a Limited Edition model, this instrument will also appeal to collectors who want to own a special .strandberg* that will only grow in value as time passes.

There are many design elements and factors that comprise a .strandberg* guitar. Each aspect - from the materials and components used to the ergonomic design features - has been carefully thought out and implemented to produce a guitar that is light weight, easy to play and has a big woody organic sound. Explore these different aspects that set a .strandberg* guitar apart from the rest.
  • HEADLESS: By removing weight from the headstock, your guitar can be made very light and yet balanced. You can play with greater comfort for longer.
  • VERSATILE BODY SHAPE: The body shape provides multiple seated playing positions for maximum comfort and versatility.
  • SCALE LENGTHS ADAPTED TO YOU: A multi-scale design allows your wrist to remain relaxed throughout the range of play. A longer scale length for the heavier strings provide better tone, and shorter in the thinner strings better playability.
  • PATENTED NECK PROFILE: The patented EndurNeck profile promotes a more correct playing position. The result: you can play longer, faster, better and avoid injury.
  • SPACE AGE MATERIALS: .strandberg*'s hunt for great tone and low weight led them to using aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fiber for maximum performance.
  • PROPRIETARY HARDWARE: The custom .strandberg* hardware is a vital contributor to the tone of the instrument. Lightweight aircraft grade aluminium and tight coupling of components ensure that nothing prevents the strings' vibrations from entering the body.


  • Bolt-On Construction
  • Chambered Body with Arm, Torso and Heel Carves
  • Solid Plain Maple Top
  • Alder Body
  • Finish: Titanium Satin Polyurethane
  • Approximate Weight 2,4 kg / 5,3 lbs +/- 10%
  • Manufactured in Indonesia
  • .strandberg* EGS Series 5 tremolo bridge & string locks
  • Titanium Colored Anodized Hardware
  • Original Luminlay Green Side Dots
  • Original Luminlay Green Inlays
  • Roasted Maple Neck, Carbon Fiber reinforced
  • EndurNeck Profile
  • Pau Ferro Fretboard
  • 20″ Fretboard Radius
  • 24 Frets
  • Jescar 51100 Stainless Steel Fretwire (57110 for zero-fret)
  • D’Addario NYXL 10-46 strings
  • Standard tuning EADGBE
  • Standard Lightweight Gig Bag included
  • Allen Key Kit included
  • H-S-H Pickup Configuration
  • Neck: .strandberg* Fusion Neck Humbucker
  • Middle: .strandberg* Fusion Middle Single-Coil
  • Bridge: .strandberg* Fusion Bridge Humbucker
  • 5-Way Pickup Selector + HSX push-pull tone pot for five more great single-coil sounds
    • Neck Series Humbucking
    • Neck Humbucking + Middle
    • Neck + Bridge Humbucking
    • Bridge Humbucking + Middle
    • Bridge Series Humbucking
  • Master Volume
  • Master Tone with Push-Pull HSX circuit

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