.strandberg* Boden 6 DR Titanium

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The Boden DR Titanium represents the next step in the evolution of the heralded Boden design. Featuring chambered Mahogany body with solid Maple top, Mahogany neck with high-tech Richlite fretboard, a unique Titanium finish with matching hardware, new joint heel and arm contour for enhanced comfort, and the new .strandberg* MF Original humbuckers, the Boden DR Titanium delivers the stunning looks, the slick feel, the buttery playability, exceptional versatility and world class tone that is both unique and familiar to cover virtually any playing style and musical genre.

A new concept Boden with new materials like Mahogany and Richlite not used in previous Boden production models, new ergonomic enhancements, a new finishing method and the new .strandberg* MF Original humbucker pickups, the Boden DR Titanium offers a totally new look, feel, vibe and sound from the acclaimed Boden design. A meticulous fusion of the modern and the traditional, the Boden DR Titanium combines the best of innovative design and features with the best of time-tested materials and old-world craftsmanship. New knobs feature a knurled surface for better grip, and a cut off segment means you don’t have to guess the position.

Featuring a chambered Mahogany body with solid Maple top underneath a striking satin Titanium finish, Mahogany body with a slick and smooth Richlite fretboard, the Boden DR Titanium delivers a warm, rich and balanced midrange with superb clarity and definition to convey the most subtle inflections in your playing. Extremely responsive to your picking dynamics with amazing sustain, the unplugged acoustic character is faithfully transferred to your amplification system by the new .strandberg* MF Original humbuckers. The most versatile .strandberg* pickups, the Original humbuckers provide aggressive modern as well as authentic classic electric guitar tones to cover virtually any playing style and musical genre.

The Boden DR Titanium is for the advanced and discriminating guitarist who seeks striking modern visual aesthetics as well as an incredibly versatile tone machine for the most demanding performing applications. Although a thoroughly professional instrument for uncompromising musicians, the Boden DR Titanium will also appeal to collectors and hobbyists who appreciate cutting-edge modern design and features that are thoughtfully fused with beautiful woods and hand-crafted workmanship.

  • Bolt-On Construction with new sculpted neck joint heel
  • Chambered Mahogany Body with Arm and Torso Carves
  • Solid Maple Top
  • Available Finish: Special Titanium satin finish with natural back
  • Approximate Weight: 2.3kg / 5 lbs
  • Manufactured in Indonesia
  • Width: 315 mm/12,4”
  • Length: 800 mm/31,5”
  • Thickness: 42 mm/1.65″
  • Long Scale: 25.5”
  • Short Scale: 25”
  • String spread at nut: 35 mm/1,38”
  • String spacing at bridge: 10.5 mm/.41″
  • Neutral fret: 0
  • Mahogany neck, Carbon Fiber reinforced
  • EndurNeck Profile
  • Richlite Fretboard
  • 20” Fretboard Radius
  • 24 Frets
  • Jescar 57110 Stainless Steel Fretwire
  • D’Addario NYXL 10-46 strings
  • Standard tuning EADGBE
  • H-H Pickup Configuration
  • Neck: .strandberg* Original Neck
  • Bridge: .strandberg* Original Bridge
  • 5-Way Pickup Selector
    • Neck Series Humbucking
    • Neck Outer Coil
    • Neck Humbucking and Bridge Humbucking
    • Neck Inner Coil + Bridge Outer Coil in parallel
    • Bridge Series Humbucking
  • .strandberg* EGS Series 5 fixed bridge & string locks
  • Special limited edition Titanium Hardware
  • Original Luminlay Green Side Dots
  • Original Luminlay Green Inlays
  • Allen Key Kit included
  • .strandberg* Gig Bag included

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