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Ibanez SRF705-BBF 5-String Fretless Bass in Brown Burst Flat

Ibanez SRF705-BBF 5-String Fretless Bass in Brown Burst Flat

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For more than 40 years, Ibanez has pioneered new frontiers in bass development, pushing the boundaries of conventional designs to bass players of all styles, affording new avenues of expression and creativity. This spirit of exploration has led to the creation of some of the most successful and popular production basses of all time. Following this same drive to bring new and relevant ideas to the musical forefront is what serves as the basis for this ongoing project, dubbed the Ibanez Bass Workshop. The impetus behind each one of these unique instruments comes from a desire by the Ibanez bass development team to satisfy the particular needs of many players. These inventions may not be for everyone, but for those who yearn to explore new sonic vistas through the medium of bass: the Ibanez Bass Workshop project may give you just what you're looking for.


  • Neck Type: SRF5 / 5pc Maple/Walnut / Neck-Through
  • Top/Back/Body: Okoume Wing Body
  • Fretboard: Bound Panga Panga
  • Fret: Fretless
  • Bridge: Custom Bridge for AeroSilk Piezo System Bridge
  • String Spacing: 16.5mm
  • Neck Pickup: Bartolini MK-1 Neck Pickup (Passive)
  • Bridge Pickup: Bartolini MK-1 Bridge Pickup (Passive)
  • Equaliser: Ibanez 2-Band EQ w/Piezo Active Tone Control
  • Factory Tuning: 1G,2D,3A,4E,5B
  • String Gauge: .045/.065/.080/.100/.132
  • Hardware Color: Cosmo Black

  • Scale: 864mm/34"
  • Width at Nut: 45mm
  • Width at 24F: 68mm
  • Thickness at 1F: 21.5mm
  • Thickness at 12F: 23.5mm
  • Radius: 305mmR

  • Neck Pickup Volume
  • Bridge Pickup Volume
  • Piezo Volume
  • Piezo Active Tone
  • Magnetic Pickup Bass Boost/Cut
  • Magnetic Pickup Treble Boost/Cut
  • Trim Pots to Adjust Piezo Gain for Each String (On Back Panel)